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Yet another react component template

Published: 2021-08-30
Updated: 2022-07-27

Give it a try for your next react component. I would love feedback! Yes, the irony of the xkcd standards comic is not lost on me! :)

Motivation & Philosophy

I wanted a relatively minimalist [in JS land] starter for publishing a react package. I loved the simplicity of working with the svelte starter repos in some side projects, and I think keeping a template repository up to date is much easier than the generator approach, having worked on generator-angular-fullstack way back in the day.

I also wanted to produce something with the fewest possible opinions baked in / exposed them as much as possible. husky’s pre-commit hook for prettier seemed like a reasonable exception but is also easily removable.

Alternatives / Prior art / inspirations

tsdx is great, but, their example folder did not work out of the box (at time of writing) & did not quite scratch my itch because it comes with some opinions that are hard to opt out of. I really like their typescript + storybook starter and I want to eventually include storybook support somehow.

The tradeoff is that with this template, microbundle handles a lot of the rollup work under the hood. It is extensible (you can add your own babel.config.js etc) but the important parts like code optimization are taken care of and are usually “set and forget” anyway.

This project is essentially a fork of what you get from create-react-library without the reliance on an undocumented fork of microbundle and with updated dependencies. I liked the usage of react-scripts since that is well-maintained and likely going to remain a reliable & simple bootstrap as well as the link:../ pattern for the example folder’s dependencies.